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The Commercial Marine Industry is regulated by Transport Canada and as such, appropriate training is required. Our Instructors have a wide variety of Skills, Experience and Certifications to aid you in your endeavours and gaining the marine training you want and need!

Some of the Certifications and Experience we can offer are:

  • 60 Ton Commercial Master Certification with sea time on:
    • Tankers and Fish Packers
    • Vessel Assist and Towing, Dive Salvage and Recovery
    • Yacht Deliveries and Charters
  • Advanced Sail Canada Instructor Certification
  • Sail Canada Navigation Instructor Certification
  • European Certificate of Competency Instructor Certification
  • Transport Canada Approved Course Provider
  • ROC-M Marine Radio Instructor Certification
  • Adult Education Certificate
  • Offshore South Pacific Sailing Veteran
  • Many Years Experience Operating and Instructing for Sail Canada / IYT Marine School


Instructor Greig Williamsgreig-03-03-16


Greig is an experienced sailor and a veteran of South Pacific offshore cruising including more than 30,000 miles sailed in Hawaii, French Polynesia, Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu, and the Solomon Islands, and extensive local cruising. He is also a 60 ton Commercial Master with tanker, salmon trolling and packing experience with more than 2 years Certified Commercial sea time. In addition, Greig is also a Transport Canada Marine Safety Instructor.

Are you drawn to sailing and the marine environment? My own answer to this calling was a sea-going life early on. I was sailing the South Pacific, working on commercial vessels in the North Atlantic and Pacific, and formalizing my sea time into a Commercial Masters Ticket and CYA Instructor Certifications.

The question is, how to enter this world in a safe way with good habits and skills, right from the start? Allow me to share my experience with you in the SVOP, SDV-BS and ROC-M Radio courses.





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